Dermomassager (Cellulogy)


Dermomassager is a modern device that allows to perform procedure involving the effects on skin and subcutaneous tissue at the same time using mechanical stimulation and vacuum.

Dermomassager device improves circulation, eliminates toxins, reduces water retention, restores skin structure. We can see excellent results in the reduction of cellulite and firming the skin, restores harmony with a silhouette. It is a great device for vacuum massage, which reduces body fat, rebuilds elastin and collagen structure, accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis.
Treatment with a Dermomassager is non-invasive and naturally restores proper functioning of tissues and effectively fights cellulite, stretch marks and firms the body.

Massage parts of the body covered by cellulite, they are usually thighs, stomach and buttocks. The treatment effect is on the skin and fatty tissue. Scars and stretch marks become less visible. Reducing swelling is obtained as a result of stimulation of micro-circulation. This procedure is completely non-invasive and safe. He was recognized as the best in the reduction of cellulite. All of that what was mentioned above can be find at the best facial salon near me


  • modelling the body 
  • fat reduction 
  • cellulite reduction 
  • skin firming 
  • to improve blood circulation and nourish the skin
  • lifting buttocks 
  • shallowing scars 
  • leveling stretch marks
  • the elimination of toxins
  • cellulite elimination
  • firming the skin 
  • body contouring 
  • improving blood circulation 
  • smoothing stretch marks 
  • smoothing scars 
  • reducing edema 
  • obesity reduction
  • to prepare for liposuction surgery 
  • pregnancy 
  • skin inflammation 
  • mechanical damage of the skin 
  • broken vessels 
  • heart failure, atherosclerosis 
  • fever
  • weakness and wasting of the body 
  • advanced hypertension
  • prone to bleeding and the formation of bruising (bruises)

After surgery and during the execution of a series of treatments is recommended to consume low-fat foods and drink up at least 2 litres of water a day. The use of the dietary recommendations will facilitate the removal of fat from the body and reduce the burden on the liver. The effects will also increase in physical activity.

Depends on the state of the skin and client expectations. Treatment includes 3 to up to 20 treatments 2 times a week. 

After 15-20 Dermomassage  Treatments – Effect Is Comparable To Surgical Liposuction!

 After full set of treatments is advisable to repeat once a month in order to consolidate the effect. 


Please be informed that after the treatment, some small bruises and swelling may occur (increase of circulation in the treated area).


  • 1 treatment (30 min) – €50
  • 5 treatments – € 220
  • 10 treatments – € 450