Cellulite Reduction


One of the best methods for cellulite reduction is Mesotherapy.

If cellulite bothers you, you’re not alone. Our desire to get rid of — or at least diminish — cellulite has led to many treatment options. With so many treatments out there, it can be hard to know what, if anything, works.

Let’s start from the beginning…

Cellulite refers to the appearance of dimpling on the buttocks, hips and the thighs. Our body stores much of its fat under the skin (under the dermal layer). This fat is separated into compartments by strands of connective fibres.

When these compartments become enlarged (due to the excess of fat), they bulge, pressing the fat against the skin resulting in the lumpy appearance.

Hormones, aging process and weight changes can all play a huge role in the process of cellulite formation.

Do you know that there are 4 stages of cellulite?

Stage 0

With this kind of cellulite, an individual cannot notice cellulite dimples, also describes as an orange peel result, one standing or stretching out. Once the pinch test is done, you will notice wrinkles but not dimples.

Stage 1

Dimpling is visible but only when pressure is applied

Stage 2

Dimpling is visible when standing, but not when laying down

Stage 3

Dimpling is visible both when standing and laying down.

Mesotherapy is a completely non-surgical and non-invasive treatment.  It is quick, pain-free and you can resume your daily routine right away. Choose mesotherapy to reduce cellulite, banish localised fat and stimulate your metabolism to achieve the healthy, attractive appearance you deserve.

After the consultation, the skin will be prepared for injections (disinfected and numbed)

During this procedure, you receive a series of injections in the area(s) with cellulite. Different substances are injected into the area, including caffeine, enzymes, and herbal extracts. 

Mesotherapy triggers the body’s metabolism helping to get rid of localised fat and condensing cellulite effectively and painlessly.

The duration of a treatment will vary depending on the treatment but it’s usually somewhere between 40 and 60 minutes.

Stage 1: Intensive Therapy – 3 treatments with 10 – 14 days interval

Stage 2: Care – 1 treatment per month for 3 months

Stage 3: Maintaining treatments effects: 1 treatment every 6 months


Contraindications include seropositive patients, cancer, blood clotting disorders, active skin infections, allergies to the components administered and pregnancy or breast-feeding.


  • 1 treatment – €185
  • Course of 5 Treatments – €150 each
  • *Courses need to be PAID for full at time of booking to avail of discount*