About Me


Living in Ireland for over two decades, having a family and studying at the same time, it wasn’t easy at all.
At the beginning of my adventure when I got my qualifications, I had to get more experience and look after my family at the same time, so I decided to work from home. That time allowed me to build a fantastic clients’s base and expand my business.
Finally, I moved my business out from home and opened Sixth Sense Clinic in the beautiful area of Limerick, Dooradoyle.
Despite achieving my dreamed Irish and internationally recognized qualifications and working with passion and love every day, I’ve learned that to be good at the profession you love, you should never stop gainig more knowledge and expanding your skills. This is why a few times a year, I participate in extra courses, conferences and medical trainings in Ireland and abroad.
My business’s mission is: To help my clients look & feel better every day.
Everything is worth it if you make your dream come true, when you meet fantastic people and have the possibility of helping them everyday. I’ve got these opportunities and I am so grateful for all of them everyday.
If you ever going to be in this part of the city, please drop in, and say hello 😊.