Chin Enhancement


A chin augmentation reshapes a small chin using the injection of HA dermal fillers. Dermal fillers with volumizing properties are selected to change the contour of your lower face to restore a gentle or strong jawline.

Women and men who want to change the shape of their chin without surgery. Whether your chin has recessed as a result of ageing, or you were born with a small chin or asymmetry you like to correct. Creating a strong jawline, chiseled appearance or restoring youthful balance is achievable with chin injections.

In women it chin augmentation is to create a balanced facial look, return balance, but keeping the ideal oval shape to the face. In men, this is about making the chin more chiseled. Filler placed along the jawline adds jawline strength.

Chin augmentation with fillers is an in-clinic treatment. It takes about 60 minutes. Topical anaesthetic is used in the filler treatment to assist in comfort.

There may be bruising and swelling afterwards, but our practitioner will go through all procedure during the consultation.


There are several types of fillers, but most commonly it will be a non-permanent volumizing filler used for augmenting a receding chin.

The time fillers last in lower face varies, depending on the filler chosen, movement in the area and individual factors (how fast your body resorbs). We expect 12 months for most fillers.


  • 1 ml – €350