Frown Lines


When vertical lines show up between your eyebrows, these are referred to as frown lines. Frown lines are more specifically called glabellar lines. Frown lines can develop at any age. Some people start noticing them in their early 20s.

The biggest contributor to frown lines is sun damaged skin. Once you have damaged skin and your face muscles interact with it, you get frown lines. The sun breaks down collagen and elastin and the skin become thinner. When this occurs, your skin won’t stay smooth and taut, as it did before the damage.

Another cause of frown lines is the natural aging process. As we age, the dermis, which is the inner layer of skin, thins and cells divide less. Both the elastin and skin fibres loosen, causing skin to lose its elasticity. Your skin will also retain less moisture as you get older. Smoking also causes your skin to age at a faster rate, including the development of wrinkles.

The frown line is a very common area to be treated on the face. Patients hate having deep and etched in frown lines. Their family and friends always say

“are you upset”

“what’s wrong”

“are you ok”

These questions can get beyond annoying over time. Those patients with deep frown lines/ folds also hate that it gives them a cranky or negative appearance.

Frown line treatment with dermal filler will make patients look more relaxed, younger and fresher.

The dose required for frown line filling would typically be between 0.5 – 1ml.

A numbing cream may be applied to the area prior to the treatment. Glad wrap may be used over the numbing cream to increase its effect.


The face will be cleaned with alcohol.

Topical anaesthetic may be injected into the frown line area.

(Multiple injections are often required in this area).

There may be redness and swelling.

If many injections are required, sometimes the forehead can have the appearance of having been “scratched” with 1-2 red lines down the frown lines.

Bruising occurs in a significant number of cases.

Swelling in the injection area will occur. This will last for at least 48 hour.

Infection is a very rare complication, but always a possibility when the needle goes into the skin.

Necrosis (blood vessel being blocked, interfering with blood supply to the skin) is very rare. This could lead to scarring.


  • No makeup for 4 hours
  • No heavy exercise that day
  • No acid face products for 24 hours
  • No spas no saunas, no hot yoga for 1-week post treatment

The effect of the dermal filler will be obvious immediately

Most of the swelling from the dermal filler will have resolved by 2-3 days after the procedure. There may be a small amount of swelling for even 2-4 weeks after the procedure.


  • 1 ml – €300