Eye Treatments


Eye Treatments Limerick

Smoothing Eyes (anti-wrinkle)

For intensive hydration and wrinkle reduction eye pads with hyaluronic acid are used together with Pronalen EAP transportation. Eye contour algae mask smoothes out lines, regulates moisture level, nourishes, restores elasticity.

Eyelash tinting, eyebrow shape and tint

Eyelash tinting is a popular treatment where the eyelashes are dyed to make them look fuller and darker. Not only does it enhances the natural beauty of the eyes, but also gives the appearance of thicker and darker lashes.

Perfectly groomed eyebrows do wonders to enhance a face – they balance features, frame your eyes.



  • Eyebrow tint – €10
  • Eyebrow shape – Lycon Wax – €15
  • Eyebrow shape + tint – €20
  • Eyelash tint – €15
  • Eyelash + eyebrow tint – €20
  • Eyebrow tint + shape + Eyelash tint – €30

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