Lip Augmentation and Restoration with Dermal Filler


A Bit About Cosmetic Injections for Lip Augmentation

Full lips are often seen as a sign of health, beauty, and youthfulness. As we age, the upper lip loses volume and looks less full. Some people feel that their lips have always been too thin. Lip augmentation at Sixth Sense Beauty Clinic can help you have the plump, sculpted lips you desire.

Whether to restore what has been lost, or to enhance the current size of your lips, lip augmentation may be the right choice for you

Injectable fillers can provide a natural-looking lip enhancement to bring out the best in your face and smile. For those seeking an alternative to lip implants, dermal fillers can provide the look you desire.

Hyaluronic acid lip injections specialist can improve the appearance of your lips by adding:

  • Shape
  • Structure
  • Volume

The perfect lip is plump, soft, symmetric, and smooth. A youthful lip has a sharp edge with its plumpness more in the middle and tapering toward the borders. The lower lip has more volume than the upper lip with a natural dumbbell furrow.

As you age, your lips – like other parts of your face – will lose volume, taking on a thinner presence. Specifically, your lip’s border will lose fullness, making you look tired and old. Sharp lip edges can change the appearance of your face, helping you look younger with more energy.

For this reason and others, many women seek to enhance their facial beauty with lip injections at our clinic.

However, follow-up injections are necessary periodically to help continue the results. The regularity of needed lip injections at Sixth Sense Beauty Clinic differ from one patient to the next and depends on which lip filler you use.

Because our lips are constantly talking, eating or drinking, lip injections clients require more touch-ups than injections in other areas of the face. The selection of lip fillers at Sixth Sense Beauty Clinic has a three-to-six-month life before results begin to subside. The right lip filler for you depends on your skin condition and other factors.

During a free consultation, we can examine your lips and facial skin, answering your questions about lip augmentation and helping you understand what to expect.

  • Reasonable durability ranging from four to six months
  • Skin tests for allergic reactions are not required
  • Clumping is less a risk
  • Cost effective
  • Results are instant
  • Special injection techniques PIT is used which guarantees the best and long-lasting result
  • Lip fillers shape and support lip tissues.
  • The pace of lip injections. The lip injections at Sixth Sense Beauty Clinic may be given during different appointments until you realize optimal results.
  • Control of lip injections

It is easier to control the amount of lip filler gel injected, so the injector has optimal control with gauging lip volume.

Because our HA lip fillers at Sixth Sense Beauty Clinic are natural sugars natural produced by your body, you are unlikely to have an allergic reaction.

We advise our patients to avoid anti-inflammatory medicines (like aspirin or ibuprofen) a week before their lip injections. Please don’t wear any makeup to your lip augmentation appointment; however, you are allowed to maintain your skin care, and you can wear makeup after your lip injections are complete

Our lip fillers at Sixth Sense Beauty Clinic require no downtime. We can administer a topical numbing agent before lip injections for your comfort.

We then mark the areas to be injected and insert ultra-fine needles to insert the lip filler gel into your lips.

It is best to avoid lipstick or any other cosmetic products immediately after your lip injections. You will realize results immediately, and after a brief healing period, your lips should feel natural.

Side effects of hyaluronic acid lip fillers are minor and temporary. They may include:

  • Tenderness and redness at the site of the injection
  • Bruising and Swelling
  • Bleeding at treated areas

A good candidate for lip injections at our clinic is somebody who desires fuller, voluptuous lips but has an understanding of lip injections and reasonable expectations. Enhanced lips will make your lips full and plump and will not change your looks dramatically.

HA lip fillers are the most reasonable product for lip injections at Sixth Sense Beauty Clinic. Permanent lip fillers (collagen, silicone, and fat transfer) have a host of negative consequences that may not appear until several years later.

You should only consider lip injections for personal reasons and not to fit an ideal image or appease someone else like a spouse or significant other.

We will discuss with you the pros and cons of your lip injections at Sixth Sense Beauty Clinic and help you decide which of our lip fillers is best for you.

Before having lip injections at Sixth Sense Beauty Clinic you should have good health and not smoke. You may not be a suitable candidate for lip fillers if you suffer with:

  • Blood-clotting problems
  • Lupus
  • Diabetes
  • An infection such as oral herpes
  • Pregnant or breast feeding
  • Those with severe allergies may not be suitable candidate for lip injections

A history of cold sores, allergies, or reaction to lidocaine is important information for injector. They should also be aware of any medications you presently take, including over-the-counter medicines and herbal supplements.

At Sixth Sense Beauty Clinic our trained injector offers lip fillers using an innovative technique called PIT and only the best dermal filler that helps lips look natural and with last longer result than usual.

The HA filler lasts between three and six months, but medical studies have indicated receiving lip injections every six months will make the results last longer than waiting for the fillers to subside


  • 0.5 ml – 200
  • 1 ml – 300