Needle Mesotherapy


Have you noticed certain changes in your skin associated with aging such as wrinkles, lack of elasticity and a dull or dry complexion? Do you suffer from hair loss or would like to reduce the visibility of stretchmarks?

All these changes are taking place in the dermal layer of the skin which is where collagen and elastin are found. These two components are essential for a healthy, glowing and young looking skin. Unfortunately due to aging, stress, hormonal changes, inappropriate diet, smoking etc. the volume of collagen and elastin in our skin diminishes irreversibly.

The face creams, serums and lotions we use in our daily beauty regime can’t penetrate our skin deep enough (to the epidermal layer). This means they have little effect on the actual structure and appearance of our skin. Needle Mesotherapy guarantees the best anti-aging results since it allows for the administration of active ingredients as deep into the dermal layer as possible.  Fortunately this  service can be found very easily at  beauty salons in limerick city.

Mesotherapy is the science and art of precise, tiny, virtually painless injections into the surface skin anywhere in the body or face. The mesotherapy injection includes minute quantities of active ingredients or cocktail of multiply approved substances.

This method was invented by French doctor Michel Pistor a few decades ago. Popular throughout European countries and South America, mesotherapy is practiced by approximately 18,000 physicians worldwide.

The injected solutions work on the fibroblasts in the connective tissue of the skin, which plays an important role in enhancing cell metabolism, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin as well as improving micro-circulation. This process improves the strength, structure, and appearance of the skin as well as helping it retain moisture.

Depending on the desired effect and area of the treatment, a specific meso-cocktail of active ingredients is selected for the client. These ingredients include vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, plant extracts, anesthetics and medications. The client is fully informed of the composition of each injection prior to the treatment.

Needle Mesotherapy is very safe. You will be asked to fill out a consultation form before the treatment to make sure you don’t have any contraindications which could prevent you from getting the procedure.

All of the products used are medically certified, the needles are gamma sterilized and each syringe is hermetically packed.

First, the client’s skin is disinfected in order to remove any microorganisms which might be present on the skin’s tissue.

Even though the procedure is not painful, any clients who have a low pain threshold can opt to have the skin anaesthetised with a special numbing cream.


Needle Mesotherapy is very beneficial for clients who want to:

  • Delay the aging process by smoothing superficial wrinkles such as crow’s feet
  • Improve the skin’s firmness
  • Rejuvenate, hydrate and nourish the skin
  • Reduce the appearance of dark circles and eye-bags under the eyes
  • Reduce stretchmarks
  • Reducing hair loss (improve growth)

This is evaluated on a case-by-case basis but the basic protocol is:

Stage 1: Intensive Therapy: 3 treatments with 10 – 14 days interval

Stage 2: Care: 1 treatment per month for 3 months

Stage 3: Maintaining treatments effects: 1 treatment every 6 months

Thanks to years of experience and regular participation in training seminars and courses, we stay up to date with the newest and safest techniques available in the market. This enables us to provide only quick and long-lasting results.

We provide a free consultation during which we answer questions and provide enough information to help a potential client make an informed decision! All cosmetics used in the treatments are cruelty-free.

Eyes / Hands / Neck / Decolletage

  • 1 Treatment -150
  • Courses of 3 Treatments – 135 each
  • *Courses need to be PAID for in full at time of booking to avail of discount*

Full Face

  • 1 Treatment – 200
  • Courses of 3 Treatments – 175 each
  • *Courses need to be PAID for in full at time of booking to avail of discount*